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Arturia introduces MicroBrute

Arturia introduces the MicroBrute. It’s an easy to program analogue synth with lots of possibilities including cv and costs 299 euro. Continue reading

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Spire – competition for Sylenth

Reveal Sound has released Spire, a modern sounding synthesizer which is perfect for making dance music. The sound reminds of Sylenth, as can be heard in the videos below. Continue reading

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Syntorial – create your own synth patches

The new software Syntorial teaches you step by step how to program a synthesizer. It allows you to program the patches by ear. The idea is to create the exact sounds you have going on in your head. Continue reading

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Review: MFB-Tanzbär

Analog hardware is currently hot. The MFB-Tanzbär is an alternative to the still very popular 909 and 808 drum machines from Roland. This drum machine by MFB combines powerful analog sounds with a step sequencer. Continue reading

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Tone2 Firebird 2 available for free now

Tone2 Firebird 2 is available for free now for Windows. This VST plug-in is a very good sounding synthesizer with a clear layout. Firebird 2 is easy to program and also comes with a lot of presets. Continue reading

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Tip: the onboard sequencer inside Rob Papen SubBoomBass

The onboard sequencers inside Rob Papen’s synthesizers have some powerful features. Ron Size gives an interesting demonstration with the bass synthesizer SubBoomBass in this video. Continue reading

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