XILS-lab releases Synthix and announces group buy

SynthixThe French software maker XILS-lab has launched a “pre-release” version of his synthesizer Synthix. For early adopters there is an interesting group buy now until July 21st, where you can get a substantial discount on this new VST plug-in. XILS-lab promises to the participants of the group buy to come with version 1.0 as soon as possible, where all (minor) bugs will be ironed out.

Synthix is inspired by the Synthex, an analog synthesizer which was produced in the 80s. The Synthex seems to have been a very good synth for pads, drones and leads. Artists like Stevie Wonder and Jean Michel Jarre would be among the artists who played the Synthex. With the dongle-free demo version you can check yourself now if XILS-lab succeeded in its aim.

The CPU load is probably pretty heavy and comparable to that of the PolyKB II. In this thread on the KVR forum you can read the first reactions of VST plug-in fans.


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