Updates Reason 5/ Record 1.5 available on 25th August

Reason 5 and Record 1.5 will be available on wednesday 25th August. Both will get some interesting new features, which brings them a step closer to the ultimate sequencer software. Propellerhead recently launched a few videos which demonstrate the new features.

Both Reason and Record get the new function Blocks. With Blocks you can individually build the intro, chorus, bridge etc. of your new hit song. When these individual sections are ready, you can sort of paint them into the sequencer. This video will make it clear:

The samplers in Reason 5 now really can sample, just like the old school samplers. Samples can be edited with a basic build in sample-editor. So no external sample editor is needed anymore.Record 1.5 gets Neptune, a pitch correction module which allows you to make the well known Cher effect. Neptune can also transpose and harmonize audio like your vocals with midi. Neptune is a powerfull tool which you will probably be hearing a lot in future music productions. You can see it in action in this video clip:

The new drum machine Kong is a nice module for Reason 5. It’s much more advanced than the good old Redrum and might be worth the € 99 upgrade alone:

Last-but-not-least: the good old Dr. Rex loop player will be replaced by Dr. Octo Rex, an advanced loop player which can contain and play until 8 loops:

Are there any wishes after these updates? Sure, it would be nice when the Propellerheads will integrate their loop slicer Recycle in Reason and Record, a feature you can find in any sequencer nowadays. For the time being Propellerhead rather sells Recycle in the Prop Shop against the high price of € 189.

Further midi out for controlling outboard gear is still not available. And VST-plugins are still not supported (and never will be if you have to believe Propellerhead).


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