SoundPrism: everyone can make music now

With the help of modern computer technology everybody can make music now, even if you don’t know anything about music theory and chords. With Audanika‘s SoundPrism you easily can make your chords, bass lines and melodies with the touch screen of your iPad. Your music will always sound harmonically right by using this program, as this video demonstrates:

SoundPrism must be approved by Apple, writes Create Digital Music. After approval it will be available in the App Store for around $ 4.With the Korg Kaoss Pad and SoundPrism you can make some interesting music. Audanika demonstrates it in this video:

The developer of this application considers to release a version with midi out so that you can play external synths. Just like the Scalomat for the (pricy) Jazz Mutant Lemur. That would be a great!


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One Response to SoundPrism: everyone can make music now

  1. Joris says:

    Heel cool! Komt allemaal wel een beetje at random over, maar misschien is dat ook wel de bedoeling. Het klink in ieder geval goed! :-)

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