Sonar X1 available from December 8th

While Cakewalk’s marketing machine promoted Sonar 8.5 including some goodies in the past few months, the manufacturer worked on a new DAW. Cakewalk has announced Sonar X1, the successor of Sonar 8.5. The new version of the sequencer will be available from December 8th. With the X1 in the name the company probably wants to state that the sequencer is totally overhauled and ready for the future.

The most important and visible change in Sonar X1 is the new interface, which should provide a more intuitive user experience. The new dock function allows users to put elements as the mixer, the step sequencer and the midi sequencer into a dock which can be placed anywhere on the screen. Cakewalk has also changed the menus, drag and drop functionality and effect chains in the mixer.

Customers who buy Sonar 8.5 now will get a free upgrade to Sonar X1. You can find an overview of Sonar X1′s new features in this video made by Cakewalk:


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