Rhizome: the ultimate groove machine?

Feeltune has released Rhizome, a pc optimized for musicians. Rhizome was one of the highlights of the MusikMesse 2010 and the future of groove machines, states Gearjunkies. The machine looks impressive with the four build in displays, lots of buttons and the drum pads. Rhizome is demonstrated in this video:

The specifications of both hardware and software look fine under the shiny case. The Rhizome has a modern cpu and a soundcard made by RME. Installed are a light version of Windows XP and a sequencer with support for midi and vst plugins. Also installed by default are effects by Ohmforce, a sampler and two synthesizers by Geforce (Minimonsta, Odditty). You can install your favorite vst plugins. Rhizome is available from about €3.000.

The question is if this concept will be good for everybody and blow away products like the (much cheaper) Native Instruments Machine. Rhizome should fit in your desired workflow. For example you can edit midi in the sequencer by default with the rotary buttons.

For more information about Rhizome visit Feeltune.


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