PSP MixPack2 temporarily for sale (50%)

PSP Audioware has updated the plugin bundle PSP MixPack2 to version 2.1. The software maker now has made 64 bits versions available for download and added the new plugin PSP MixSync. The icing on the cake is the sale until February 21st (€72 excluding VAT).

PSP MixPack2 consists of PSP MixBass2 (bass enhancer), PSP MixTreble2 (enhancer higher frequenties), PSP MixSaturator2 (saturator), PSP MixPressor2 (compressor) PSP MixGate2 (gate) and the new PSP MixSync2. The last plugin is for latency compensation and solving timing issues.

PSP Audioware is known for their great VST effects. The flagship is PSP Vintage Warmer, a plugin for “warming up” digital audio material.


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