Propellerhead Music Making Month – online workshops for Record/Reason users

Propellerhead Music Making MonthToday Propellerhead launched the Music Making Month. This afternoon the founders of Propellerhead Software Ernst Nathorst-Böös, Marcus Zetterquist and Pelle Jubel started the first live video conference on the future of music. Registered users could chat and ask questions.

During the month of May you can follow many live video workshops by musicians and Propellerhead product specialists.

The program for this week is as follows:

  • Learn to Play the Keyboard Drum;
  • Perfect, Edit, Tune, and Comp Your Vocals;
  • Get Ideas Kick-started with Loops;
  • Learn Percussive Sequencing;
  • Mocean Worker Q&A;
  • Learn How CV Can Help Your Music.

The complete program, including dates and starting times, can be found on the website of Propellerhead Software. Make sure you visit the website in time, as it now appears that the live streams can not be looked back afterwards.

Update: Propellerhead has converted the first live video streams to regular video for playback via YouTube.


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