Korg iMS-20 available for iPad

The music software market for iPad gets better and better. Along the interesting relaunch of ReBirth, Korg comes with the iMS-20 app, a simulation of its MS-20 analogue synthesizer from 1978 which is another favorite of many dance producers.

The software also contains a step sequencer, a drum machine,  mixer and Kaoss technology. Users can immediately share their music online on Soundcloud.

In this (partly quiet) video you can get an impression of the iMS-20 interface:

Another video demonstration including sound:

You can find demos of tracks made with iMS-20 on the product page of the Korg website. The iMS-20 app is available now at the App Store against the introduction price of $16 (€12). After January 31st 2011 the price will be increased to $33 (€24).

Korg also decreased the price of the iElectribe drum machine for iPad until November 16th with 50 percent to $10 (€7,50).


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