Griid: control Ableton Live with your iPhone or iPad

There are different hardware controllers on the market for Ableton Live which you can use playing your live sets, for example APC40 and the APC20 made by Akai or the Novation Launchpad. These hardware controllers might get a strong contender on the live podium: Griid. This program for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad became recently available in the App Store against the relatively low price of $ 25, which almost seems like a no brainer if you have one of these mobile devices.

Griid turns the touch screen into a controller for Ableton Live’ s Session View.  You can launch your clips, scroll through your clips and zoom in or out your session.

In this video Raw Hedroom (Trapez) jams with Griid (iPad on the right), a Moog Voyager synthesizer and TouchOSC (iPad on the left):

Griid is available in three flavours: Grid Lite, Griid (iPod, iPhone) and Griid Pro (iPad). Gridd Lite is the free test version. Griid only works with Mac OS computers at this moment, Windows will be supported in future.


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