Free samples: guitar, halloween, mouse organ, accordion drone and ambient textures

This week a lot of free samples are launched by different producers. Maybe they don’t fit in your music today, but it’s always cool to have them on your hard drive for future productions or for some inspiration.

Brian William Green of gives the package Accordion Drone Samples away for free. These samples are recorded from a toy accordion. The samples are further processed into endless drones, a great piece of sound design which shows that you can get fantastic results with simple devices.
The Mouse/Mice Organ by Sound Dust is a strange sounding organ. You can find an audio demo on the download page. The samples are optimized for Kontakt, but also available in other formats.
Halloween Sound Effects – Scary Voices by Peace Love Productions is a sound set containing 20 loops and hits. The scary voices are made by Johann Smit, a member of the gotic band KHEMIQUE. The loops contain words and phrases and are available in the formats rex2, sfx, aiff and wav.
Composer and producer Rhian Sheehan from New Zealand has uploaded his first Ambient Textures sample pack. Most samples are recordings of an electric guitar and processed with the Altiverb plugin. The package contains 10 textures in aiff 16 bits format.
Thrash DI by SampleOddity is also a sample pack with electric guitar samples. The guitar sounds are recorded dry, without any effects like distortion, chorus or reverb. You have to process these samples further by yourself. That’s an advantage because by adding your own guitar effects you can fit these sounds easily into your songs. Thrash DI is available for Kontakt. SampleOddity has also the bigger brother Thras available which costs $49 (€39).



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