Discographies: albums artists reviewed in 140 characters

On the Twitter account Discographies all albums of bands and artists are reviewed within 140 characters. The short length make these reviews sharp, critical and often hilarious.

A few examples of tweets by Discographies:

Metallica: 1-4 “Run! Run! A monstrous juggernaut is coming to kill us all!” 5 “It stopped! Why?” 6-9 “Choked to death on its own fumes.”

The Cure: 1 You’re 18…; 2-6 you only wear black…; 7-9…and the world feels beautifully sad! 10-13 Then your parents make you get a job.

Muse: 1-5 “As a soundwave travels rapidly from Radiohead through Rush and towards Queen, its perceived tone becomes excruciatingly painful.”

Source: wire to the ear


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