Cubase 6: edit midi with expression

Today Steinberg has released Cubase 6. The audio editing is enhanced and vst instruments and effects are added. But the most interesting feature might be the VST Expression 2 technology.

VST Expression 2 brings note expression. With note expression every midi note has its own automation parameters. For example an individual midi note in a chord can be modulated apart from the rest of the notes. A video on the Steinberg website shows how note expression works. Potentially this is a cool feature. Potentially, because it only works if the vst you want to use supports the VST Expression 2 technology.

The audio editing is enhanced with improved tempo and hitpoint detection. Slicing audio is more precise and you can quantize live drum recording just like midi drum tracks. With the new group edit function users can edit multiple audio tracks.

Multiple takes of one part of the track can more easily be combined to one take with the improved comping function. This allows users to take the best parts of each recording, for example multiple vocals takes, and combine them.

A guitar amp emulation is added to the effects section. And a cut down version of theĀ  Halion Sonic workstation is added to the instruments section. For more information and the rest of the features visit the Steinberg website.


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