Cakewalk releases Z3TA+ 2 in July

Z3TA+ 2Z3TA + has been out for a couple of years, but the next version of the synthesizer is finally arriving now. The U.S. software maker Cakewalk will launch Z3TA + 2 in July. Update: the plug-in is only available for Windows.

When Z3TA + was launched by rgcAudio at the end of 2002, it was perhaps the best synthesizer of the time. This VST plug-in sounds great, but it is difficult to understand for beginners.

Later Cakewalk bought rgcAudio and Rapture was launched. Many considered the latter as the successor of Z3TA +, so the new version comes as a surprise.

On the website of Cakewalk you can find the first information about Z3TA + 2. The user interface has changed and new effects are added, says Cakewalk.

Hopefully Z3TA + 2 can handle today’s fierce competition. When you have the first version, you can upgrade at a discounted price. This also includes Sonar X1 users.


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