Apple presents iPad 2

GarageBand voor iPadToday Apple’s Steve Jobs has presented the iPad 2, says Computer Idee. You can view the new tablet on Apple’s website now. The hardware manufacturer has published a fancy presentation including some videos.┬áIn the United States the iPad 2 is already available on March 11th, in Europe on March 25th.

The iPad 2 comes in white and black versions and is 33 percent thinner and until 15 percent lighter than its predecessor. The new tablet features a 1 GHz dual core processor. The performance should be significantly better, up to two times faster than the first iPad version, which comes in handy for multi tasking but hopefully also for the development of more powerfull audio applications. The battery time remains 10 hours, Apple promises. The storage capacity choices are a little bit disappointing: only 16 , 32, or 64 gigabyte.

The iPad 2 has two cameras build in front and at the back of the device for making video conferences and movies. The movies can be edited in the new iMovies for iOS, which will soon be available in the App Store. Nice for live shows is the possibility to connect the iPad to HDTV or a projector. The video connection is also available separately.

More interesting for musicians is the availability of Garageband for iOS, the standard music studio for Mac. With Garageband you can record up to 8 audio and MIDI tracks. It contains instruments and effects, including a synthesizer, piano, guitar and guitar amp. Of course Garageband uses the touch screen for instant music making. Another cool feature is that projects can be exchanged with the Mac version of Garageband.

The prices will remain the same as first iPad versions. Tip: the old version of the iPad will be available against much lower prices now.


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