Apogee JAM: guitar interface for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch en Mac

Apogee JAMAfter yesterday’s iPad presentation, including the new app GarageBand, you might ask yourself how to connect a guitar to the tablet. GarageBand includes a guitar amp and effects? Surprise: at the end of this month Apogee introduces a solution for mobile guitarists.

JAM is a pocket-sized guitar interface which connects to the dock ports of the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Mac. The interface is for beginners and advanced users who want a good guitar sound during rehearsals and recordings, or while jamming away on the iPad or Mac. JAM is compatible with GarageBand, Logic, MainStage and “other compatible applications”, says Apogee.

JAM is available from March 31st and costs $99. Due to the higher VAT, the price for European countries will be around €99. It’s certainly not the cheapest solution. When you are considering a guitar interface you may also want to take a look at products like IK Multimedia’s iRig.

Via: Gearjunkies


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