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Trance track produced with Ableton Live 9

It is always interesting to see how others create their tracks. In this video Sadowick produces a basic arrangement of a trance track in about an hour with Ableton Live 9, a few sample packs, Sylenth and an Access Virus Snow. Remarkably, he starts in the (linear) Arrangement View of Ableton Live, where many others start in the Session View to sketch some of their first ideas. Continue reading

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FL Studio 11 gets multi-touch support

FL Studio 11 has been released. The most striking feature is the support for multi-touch control. This is the first digital audio workstation which makes this possible. Continue reading

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Geco for Leap Motion – control synths with gestures

With Geco, an app for the Leap Motion Controller, synthesizers can be controlled with gestures, like shown in the video below. This works with MIDI. Hopefully the latency will be low enough. Continue reading

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Review: Arturia SparkLE drum machine

A few years ago Arturia released the Spark drum machine. Recently Arturia released the SparkLE, a compact version of this drum machine which is very intuitive to use and well designed. With the included Spark software you will be creating some electronic beats very quickly with the SparkLE. Continue reading

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New MIDI features in Ableton Live 9 explained by DubSpot

Ableton Live 9 has a few new midi features which makes programming music a lot easier. Live’s MIDI now has automatic legato, inverse chords and reverse. DubSpot explains these features in the video below. Continue reading

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Audiobus support for Arturia iMini

Arturia has released an update for the iMini synthesizer for iPad. The main addition is Audiobus support. Users can record the sounds of the iMini in programs like GarageBand. Continue reading

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