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Kairatune: free synthesizer for cool lead and bass sounds

The Finn Matti Jokipii has launched Kairatune, a free VST synthesizer for Windows. With Kairatune you can make beautiful, thick lead and bass sounds. The synthesizer has a nice interface and is left monophonic because of the high CPU load. It is highly recommended if you want to try a new VST plug-in, because it sounds wonderful. Continue reading

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Alchemy Mobile launched for iPad and iPhone

Camel Audio has launched Alchemy Mobile for iPad and iPhone. Interesting for owners of the VST version of Alchemy is that the synthesizer can be controlled via the iPad or iPhone. Continue reading

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OP-X PRO-II updated and new presets

SonicProjects has released an update for OP-X PRO-II, the great sounding VST synthesizer that brings the Oberheim sound from the eighties to life in the virtual world. The update should fix a few bugs, including when playing loops in Ableton Live. In addition, SonicProjects also has released a new sound bank, named Reload 002 Bank. Continue reading

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Diego Stocco – Music From A Dry Cleaner

Sounddesigner Diego Stocco shows again that you can make music with everything. In this episode he uses the sounds of different machines in a dry cleaner. Continue reading

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Reason 6: The Echo delay effect

On September 30, Reason 6 will be released. Besides some new effects, the complete Record package including the nice mixing console will be integrated in Reason 6. That’s a logical step by Propellerhead. Until the end of October, Propellerhead Software has the unique Pay What You Want-deal for Reason 5/ Record users. Continue reading

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iDensity granular synthesizer for iPad

The Density granular synthesizer will be available soon for the iPad under the name iDensity. In granular synthesis, the synthesizer plays sounds of small pieces of audio, or grains. Continue reading

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