Zen: manage presets VSTi’s without headaches

You will have loads of presets on your harddrive when you are using a couple of VST instruments. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can load and play them in your tracks from one place? That’s exactly what Zen does, a free vst plugin introduced by BickTick a few weeks ago.

Zen loads in any vst host as a vst instrument. It collects automatically the available presets of the supported synthesizers from BickTick’s server. The computer has to be online during this process, but it’s also possible to work offline. For more information about working offline with Zen visit the faq on the BickTick website.

You can also import your own presets. Unfortunately this works a little bit cumbersome. You have to mouse click a lot, because every preset has to be loaded in Zen before starting the import.

The downloaded presets are nicely arranged into different categories (Pads, Leads, Bass, Strings, Piano, etcetera). You can also search for presets by filling in words into the search window. After clicking on a preset Zen loads the synthesizer and the preset for making some music.

You can download Zen via the BickTick website.


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2 Responses to Zen: manage presets VSTi’s without headaches

  1. Marga says:

    Ik zou ook wel me eigen zen muziek willen maken, dus ik ga deze plugin zeker installeren. Bedankt!

    • Ruud de Graaff says:

      Hoi Marga,
      Deze plug-in maakt zelf geen geluid, maar verzamelt de voorgeprogrammeerde geluiden van andere plug-ins. Misschien is de ChineeGuZheng Classic van Kong Audio met gesamplede authentieke Chinese instrumenten wel iets voor jou!

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