Freemasons demonstrate parallel processing in Reason 7

James Wiltshire of Freemasons demonstrates the benefits of parallel effects processing in this video. Freemasons produce their mixes in Reason 7, which will be released on April 30. Parallel processing is enhanced with the introduction of Reason 7 as Wiltshire shows in the video. Reason’s main mixer is inspired by the famous SSL mixing console.

Freemasons improves his dance productions for example by making a copy of the drum tracks and by adding the effects (compressor or saturator) to this copy. Then he mixes the copy of the drum track with the original audio for huge, great sounding drums. This compressor technology is also known as parallel compression. It is also usable with other effects such as reverb as shown is this video. Of course, this technique is also applicable while working with other DAW software such as Ableton Live, Logic or Cubase.


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