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Xils V+ announced – Roland VP-330 synthesizer/vocoder emulation

(Nederlands) Xils Lab heeft de Xils V+ synthesizer aangekondigd. De softwaremaker zegt hier op de informatiepagina niets over, mogelijk om problemen met Roland te voorkomen, maar deze VST-plug-in is geïnspireerd op de Roland VP-330 synthesizer/vocoder uit 1979. Deze is volgens Vintage Synth Explorer onder andere gebruikt in de muziek van Underworld en Vangelis. Continue reading

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Review: Xils-Lab Oxium

Xils-Lab’s Oxium is a virtual analog synthesizer for Windows and Mac. The synthesizers of this French company each have a unique, musical sound that stands out from the many other VST plug-ins that are available on the market today. Oxium is no exception. Continue reading

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Xils-lab releases new synthesizer: Oxium

Xils-lab introduces a new synthesizer. Seemingly, Oxium is a simpler instrument than its predecessors polyKB and Synthix, but has the Xils-lab sound. So the sounds are top notch, this VST sounds great. Continue reading

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Xils Lab releases Chor’X chorus effect

There are only a handful of good chorus VST effects available. This is also clear after the call in this thread on KVR Audio, where a small number of paid and free VST chorus effects are recommended by forum members. Are the included chorus effects in sequencers so good? It is therefore not a bad idea to launch a new chorus effect. Xils Lab’s Chor’X has three types of chorus models on board to enhance the sounds of instruments. Continue reading

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Review: Xils-lab Synthix

Synthix is a recreation of the Elka Synthex, reportedly a powerful analog synthesizer from the early 80s. When you start to play Synthix, you immediately hear that it is a virtual analog product of Xils-lab. The PolyKB II synthesizer comes to our mind to be a direct competitor. With Synthix you can create awesome full, warm, organic and dynamic sounds. Continue reading

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XILS-lab releases Synthix and announces group buy

The French software maker XILS-lab has launched a “pre-release” version of his synthesizer Synthix. For early adopters there is an interesting group buy now until July 21st, where you can get a substantial discount on this new VST plug-in. Continue reading

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