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Free Dune LE synthesizer via Beat Magazin

(Nederlands) Bij Beat Magazin kun je gratis de synthesizer Dune LE van Synapse Audio downloaden. Het enige wat je moet doen is fan worden van Beat Magazin op Facebook. Dune LE is de uitgeklede versie van de commerciƫle plug-in. Het enige verschil met de volledige versie is dat de effectensectie ontbreekt en een verminderd aantal presets (128 stuks). Continue reading

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Screaming fat leads with Massive

With Massive you can create screaming lead sounds. Vespers shows how this works in this video. Continue reading

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Xils V+ announced – Roland VP-330 synthesizer/vocoder emulation

(Nederlands) Xils Lab heeft de Xils V+ synthesizer aangekondigd. De softwaremaker zegt hier op de informatiepagina niets over, mogelijk om problemen met Roland te voorkomen, maar deze VST-plug-in is geĆÆnspireerd op de Roland VP-330 synthesizer/vocoder uit 1979. Deze is volgens Vintage Synth Explorer onder andere gebruikt in de muziek van Underworld en Vangelis. Continue reading

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Trance track produced with Ableton Live 9

It is always interesting to see how others create their tracks. In this video Sadowick produces a basic arrangement of a trance track in about an hour with Ableton Live 9, a few sample packs, Sylenth and an Access Virus Snow. Remarkably, he starts in the (linear) Arrangement View of Ableton Live, where many others start in the Session View to sketch some of their first ideas. Continue reading

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Review: Arturia SparkLE drum machine

A few years ago Arturia released the Spark drum machine. Recently Arturia released the SparkLE, a compact version of this drum machine which is very intuitive to use and well designed. With the included Spark software you will be creating some electronic beats very quickly with the SparkLE. Continue reading

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EARebound delay makes loops sound more interesting

Eareckon has released EARebound, their first delay plug-in. It can be used creatively with loops. All DAW software come with delay effects, so plug-in creators have to offer something extra. That’s exactly what Eareckon has done with EARebound. EARebound has a step sequencer that lets you put the delay effects gradually step by step. Continue reading

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