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Freemasons demonstrate parallel processing in Reason 7

James Wiltshire of Freemasons demonstrates the benefits of parallel effects processing in this video. Freemasons produce their mixes in Reason 7, which will be released on April 30. Parallel processing is enhanced with the introduction of Reason 7 as Wiltshire shows in the video. Continue reading

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Ableton Live tutorial: realistic hi-hats and big fat snares by DJ Vespers

Ableton Live offers lots of possibilities for creating your own drum sounds. The Canadian DJ Vespers shows in this interesting video how he creates realistic sounding hi-hats and fat snares in Ableton Live. He uses Sampler and an Audio Effect Rack, and also gives away some neat tips and tricks. Continue reading

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Free parallel compression effect rack for Ableton Live

AfroDJMac explains in the video below what parallel compression (New York style compression) does for your drums. The effect rack used in this video can be downloaded from his website. Continue reading

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Mastering engineer Greg Calbi talks about music industry’s loudness war

During the mastering process of music productions the sound engineer tries to make his mix as loud as possible with compression techniques, while keeping the dynamics. In the last few years more and more people complain that mastering engineers prefer loudness above dynamics, also known as the loudness war. In this video published by ArtistshouseMusic, mastering engineer Greg Calbi talks about the consequences of the loudness war. Continue reading

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