Review: PolyKB II Analog Bag 1 & 2 sound sets

Last December XILS-lab released the PolyKB II virtual analogue synthesizer. This VST plug-in contains 250 factory presets, which are sorted by the handy preset management system. The presets can be a source of inspiration or a nice starting point for building your own sounds.

Via the XILS-lab website the sound sets Analog Bag 1 and Analog Bag 2 are available now for PolyKB II. With these sound sets the number of presets can be expanded with respectively 128 and 160 sounds.

The sounds of the Analog Bag series are elegantly sorted into different categories. After importing the presets you can easily find and play the sounds.

PolyKB II Analog Bag 1 (€17)
The Analog Bag 1 sound set contains 128 sounds which are classified into different categories, including Arp, Bass, FX, Keys, Leads, Pads and Soundscapes. The sounds are suitable for a lot of musical genres like dance, film scoring or game trailers. The quality of the presets is great. The presets take advantage of the modulation and dynamic stereo possibilities of the PolyKB II synthesizer.

Analog Bag 1 contains some beautiful soundscapes, pads and interesting leads and keys sounds. When you need bass sounds, then you will be disappointed because the sound set only contains three basses. For bass sounds Analog Bag 2 will suit you better.

Most presets allow you to use the modulation wheel for changing parameters (rotaries), e.g. the VCF frequency and/ or resonance. By using the modulation wheel you can get a more dynamic, different sound.

Unlike most other synthesiser presets, the filter will often close by turning up the modulation wheel. Eventually you can change this behaviour with a single mouse click on the specified button.

Rating: [9/10].

PolyKB II Analog Bag 2 (€21)
If you want more bass sounds then you are better off with Analog Bag 2. It contains 160 sounds, classified in different categories for quickly finding the sound you need. Analog Bag 2 has a lot of great, tasty presets which are suitable for a wide variety of genres like dance music or game trailers and film scores.

This sound set lacks the cool soundscapes of Analog Bag 1. In general the pads sound often more timid, less upfront than those of Analog Bag 1. This can be a good thing of course. Most presets allow you to vary the sound with the modulation wheel. Like Analog Bag 1 the filter often closes while turning the modulation wheel up.

Analog Bag 2 is a great sound set, which complements Analog Bag 1 well.

Rating: [9/10].

For more information and demos visit the XILS-lab website.


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