Review: Plugin Alliance Maag EQ4

Maag EQ4

The Maag EQ4 is Maag Audio’s first plug-in. This equalizer is modeled on the hardware equalizer with the same name in cooperation with Brainworx. This attracts our attention, because Brainworx makes very good plug-ins as you can read in our review of the Plugin Bundle. The Maag EQ4 is no exception.

The Maag EQ4 is a six-band equalizer, so you can adjust six different frequencies with the rotary knobs. Six frequencies may sound fairly limited, but in practice this is actually very useful because it allows you to get good results quickly during mixing. The good results are also achieved due to the supplied presets.

Five of the six knobs have fixed frequencies. These are the Sub (10 Hz) for ultra low frequencies, 40 Hz for the low frequencies like the kick drum or electric bass, the 160 Hz to make room for the bass and kick, the 650 Hz for vocals and the 2.5 kHz for the extra emphasize on both vocals or guitar.

Air Band
The sixth dial is special: the Air Band. With Air Band you can raise the higher frequencies of a track for a more “open” sound. The Air Band lets you choose from five different frequencies from medium high to ultra high: 2.5 Hz, 5 Hz, 10 Hz, 20 Hz and 40 Hz.

You can customize the output of the EQ4 with the Level Trim knob. This is very useful when the track is suddenly too loud in relation to the rest of the mix. You can also choose to lower all the other frequency bands with the same number of decibels, while leaving alone the frequency you want to emphasize.

In use, the Maag EQ4 has something magical. You get incredibly fast results with this plug-in. You can put the EQ4 on almost all kind of sounds, the presets offer a good starting point for this, but the equalizer is especially recommended for vocals. The EQ4 can indeed transform the vocals quickly to a more clear, shiny and powerful sound. After choosing one of the included presets and a few tweaks you get a great result within the the shortest time possible. The Air Band also adds something special to the sound. The clarity of the vocals and other sounds are much improved with the Air Band. The Air Band gives that extra shine to the sound which you don’t get easily with other equalizer plug-ins.

We are very excited about the Maag EQ4. This equalizer is excellent for vocals, but is also very useful for other instruments. You’ll soon place this plug-in on all tracks of your new song. It’s a little bit pricey, but the Maag EQ4 is an absolute must have!


Score: 10/10

+ For:

  • Fast results with great presets;
  • Air Band provides extra shine to your tracks

- Against:

  • Pricey



Maag EQ4

PC and Mac

$229 (€175)



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