Focusrite Tape – free two track recording for iPad

Focusrite has released Tape, a free app for iPad (version 2 and higher). Tape allows you to record two tracks simultaneously, ideal for the singer / songwriter on the move. Obviously, Tape works with Focusrite’s iTrack Solo audio interface, but you can also take any other compatible interface with Core Audio support.

You can make great recordings with the iPad and a cheap audio interface. John Smith proves it in the video below:


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Review: MFB-Tanzbär

MFB Tanzbar 3

Analog hardware is currently hot. The MFB-Tanzbär is an alternative to the still very popular 909 and 808 drum machines from Roland. This drum machine by MFB combines powerful analog sounds with a step sequencer.

Berlin based MFB has released various drum machines during the last 30 years, including the MFB-522 and 503. The 16 instruments of the Tanzbär (Dancing Bear) come partly from these two drum machines. These are two bass drums, a snare, rimshot, cymbal, open hihat, closed hihat, claves, clap, low tom / conga, mid tom / conga, high tom / conga, cowbell and maracas. Besides the drums and percussion, the Tanzbär has a simple bass synth and a lead synth on board.

Very powerful sound
The Tanzbär delivers a very powerful sound, reminiscent of the 909 and 808 drum machines by Roland. This machine can punch nicely and hard with booming bass drums and banging snare drums and claps. But the sound can also be adjusted to a much sweeter minimalist style, so it’s suitable for various electronic music genres. The first bass drum and the snare drum are adjustable with 7 rotary buttons. The other instruments have significantly fewer parameters. This may be unfortunate, but it makes the device very compact. It easily fits on the desk in the studio or in the backpack while travelling to the next gig. The dimensions are 330 x 170 x 60 millimeters.

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Deep House tutorial – Ableton Live

Pro Music Producers shows how to create a Deep House track with Ableton Live, including a classic house bass.

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Tone2 Firebird 2 available for free now

Tone2 Firebird

Tone2 Firebird 2 is available for free now for Windows. This VST plug-in is a very good sounding synthesizer with a clear layout. Firebird 2 is easy to program and also comes with a lot of presets.

This synthesizer was the first with Tone2′s proprietary Harmonic Content Morphing (HCM) synthesis. This form of wavetable synthesis can also be found in Gladiator 2.

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Summer sale Presonus Studio One Artist and Producer

Presonus has a 50 percent discount on Studio One Artist ($ 49) and Producer ($ 99). This offer is valid until the end of August. Studio One is made by former employees of Steinberg Cubase, and is one of the most intuitive of this moment. As with Ableton Live, you can perform almost all tasks in one screen.

Studio One is primarily an audio-oriented sequencer. Unique about this DAW software is the built-in support for Celemony Melodyne. If you select an audio track, you can edit it directly in Melodyne using Ctrl + M (Windows) or Command + M (Mac). The integrated Melodyne pitch correction software only works with Studio One Professional, or if you already have a license for Melodyne.

Presonus has published several tutorials for Studio One on YouTube. The tips and tricks by Luke Mourinet are very useful:

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Create 2nd screen on iPad with V-Control 1.7

V-Control Pro

Neyrinck has released V-Control Pro 1.7 for iPad. With this app you can control many digital audio workstations (DAW) on the iPad, including Cubase, Logic, ProTools, Ableton Live and Reason. Special about V-Control Pro is that the computer screen can be projected directly on the iPad. Plug-ins are displayed in a separate window, including the graphical user interface (GUI). See the introduction video below:

V-Control Pro costs 45 euro. There is also a free version available, so you can check out whether the app works well with your computer. Tip: turn the Bluetooth off, this can cause delays.

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