XILS-lab releases PolyKB II Player

PolyKB II PlayerXILS-lab has released PolyKB II Player, a simplified version of the PolyKB II synthesizer. The VST plugin is made for musicians who appreciate the (great) PolyKB II sound, but don’t need or want to tweak all the parameters of the synthesizer.

The plugin features 8 configurable rotary buttons to which you can assign a great amount of parameters, for example Filter Cutoff, Resonance and ADSR. These buttons are fully automatable in your sequencer.

PolyKB II Player features the same presets you find in its big brother. The Player version doesn’t need the USB dongle and costs €25 until April 30th. After this date the price will be €39.

Tip: you can get a discount on the sound sets Analog Bag I and Analog Bag II when you order them with PolyKB II Player. We reviewed these sound sets in the article Review: PolyKB II Analog Bag 1 & 2 sound sets.


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