Waves releases first synthesizer: Element

Waves Element

Waves has launched its first synthesizer: Element. This is quite surprising, because this software maker is famous for its many excellent effects plug-ins. Element is a virtual analog synthesizer. That in itself is not so special. The competition in this area is currently huge. You have to offer something unique to succeed in this tough, competitive plug-in market. Waves has the advantage that it has build up an excellent reputation in the plug-in industry with its effect range.

Element looks simple, but seems to have excellent features on board. This synthesizer includes two oscillators with a unison, sub and pulse width modulation (PWM), a filter, four LFOs, an extra envelope and a modulation matrix. The sound can be improved with an equalizer and (of course) an effects section with a delay, reverb, chorus, bit crusher and distortion.

The interface looks nice and clear. Element has all buttons and parameters on one page. It looks a bit like Reason’s Thor synthesizer, partly because of the sequencer / arpeggiator at the bottom of the interface. Because of the simple interface, it could be an ideal synth for beginners, or for quickly turning in a sound.

In the following video, Element is introduced by the producer / engineer Yoad Nevo. He has been closely involved with the production of this new plug-in by Waves. He makes a quick track with Element, and even gives away a few tips to spice up your tracks:

Element is available now at the introductory price of $ 99, which seems reasonable for what it is. The final price is $ 200, which is not really a bargain.


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