Many products launched at NAMM

At the NAMM hardware manufacturers unveil and launch lots of interesting new products. A few notable products:

Alesis will soon introduce the StudioDock for iPad. The StudioDock allows you to connect audio hardware on your iPad for recording music and playing music apps. The StudioDock is equipped with connections for microphone and lines (including phantom power), a midi input for connecting a keyboard, outputs for studio monitors and  headphone.
Korg has unveiled the Kaoss Pad Quad. This new Kaoss Pad version allows you to mangle audio with four different effects controlled by the X-Y touchpad.
Akai introduces the EIE Electromusic Interface Expander, a cool retro like usb audio interface with four microphone/line inputs, four outputs, a headphone output and two classic analogue VU meters. Special about this interface are the three extra usb ports. This allows the interface to function like a hub, which can be handy when your computer only has a few usb ports.
Arturia will release SPARK in February, a digital drum machine with controller. It comes with “430 instruments and 30 kits”. Vintage, electronic and acoustic drum sounds are included in the sound library. SPARK will cost €500.
Do you have a large wallet and looking for an analogue drum machine? Then you might consider the Tempest drum machine by Dave Smith and Roger Linn. This great sounding drum synthesizer will cost $2,000 (probably the same amount in EUR). This video by Dave Smith en Roger Linn gives an impression of this special drum machine. Tempest will be released next summer.
The Dutch sound designer Rob Papen will soon release his first drum synthesizer. Punch produces drum sounds with both synthesis and samples. You can load your own samples and play them with the build in sequencer. Punch costs €150.
M-Audio has unvealed the Venom synthesizer. This twelve voice polyphonic virtual analogue synthesizer is also a Pro Tools compatible usb audio/midi interface. Venom is equipped with 49 keys and will be delivered with 768 patches. The price is €500.

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