Lots of new free downloads available

The December sale of samples and VST plug-ins is behind us. Fortunately, after the expensive holiday season there is also a lot of interesting stuff available for free.

  • Timur Arynov (MyOSS) has compiled Dirty Kit, a free sample pack for Native Instruments Battery. The samples were made with the MFB-522 analog drum module and effects from the Novation Ultranova synthesizer. You can download this sample pack via rekkerd.org.
  • Mattias Fridell has free samples available from his personal sound library. The download is only 26 megabytes, but the sounds are very usable.
  • 365breaks contains 364 drum loops and a final mix on SoundCloud. The loops are dayly made ​​in 2011 by Marcin Cichy from Poland.
  • Sample Magic has released the 170MB Free Christmas Bundle, a collection of samples picked from their various commercial packages.
  • Adam Szabo has launched Phazor. This phaser effect is an attempt to emulate the phaser found in the Virus synthesizers. Unfortunately this VST plug-in crashed soon during our test in Ableton Live, but probably that does not apply to other sequencers. Live is infamous for its many crashes with third party VST plug-ins.

Source: rekkerd.org


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