Two new soundsets for Alchemy by Camel Audio

Guitar Mutations for AlchemyAlchemy is an awesome, elegant sample manipulation synthesizer with a lot of modulation possibilities. Alchemy is great for creating soundscapes. Two new soundsets prove this, each with 150 patches (with each 8 varieties) for Alchemy and Alchemy Player. They were released this summer.

Guitar Mutations is built around guitar samples. With Alchemy these samples have been edited to entirely new and interesting instruments. This soundset contains the following sounds: 42 guitar,  32 soundscapes, 18 arps, 16 loops, 9 basses, 8 keys, 8 synthesizer, 7 pads, 5 leads and 5 sound effects.

Ian Boddy used for his soundset Analogica samples of classic analog synths as the basis for a wide range of sounds. Analogica includes ring and frequency (FM) modulation soundscapes, pads, arps, Minimoog basses, and wavetable sounds.

Both soundsets cost € 49.


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