Tromine GT: free drum machine

Marvin Pavilion has released the Tromine GT drum machine. The free vst plugin is based on the classic Roland TR-808 drum machine, says The plugin is available for Windows.

Tromine GT has a decent amount of quite usable drum sounds which can be tweaked to taste.

A list of the available drum sounds and tweakable parameters:

  • Bass drum: Tune, Sweep, Tone, Decay, Pan, Level;
  • Snare drum: Tune, Tone, Decay, Snare, Pan, Level;
  • Low tom / Low conga, Mid tom / Mid conga, High tom / High conga: Tune, Tone, Noise, Decay, Pan, Level;
  • Closed hihat, Open hihat: Tune, Decay, Pan, Level;
  • Crash cymbal, Hand clap: Tune, Tone, Decay, Pan, Level;
  • Rimshot: Tune, Pan, Level;
  • Claves, Maracas, Cowbell: Tune, Decay, Pan, Level.

For more information and the download visit the Marvin Pavilion website .


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