SoundPrism: updated to 2.5, 50 percent sale for limited time


Audanika has released SoundPrism Pro 2.5 and throws in a time limited discount of 50 percent. This great app for the iPad and iPhone has the following updates:

  • Retina Support for the new iPad;
  • MIDI-In: Control SoundPrism with other MIDI controllers and apps;
  • Vastly improved MIDI-capabilities (local-off, dedicated Virtual-MIDI-ports, etc.);
  • Improvements in usabilty;
  • Fullscreen Mode has been moved to the Settings App so it won’t be triggered by accident.

This video shows the updates in SoundPrism Pro 2.5:

You don’t know SoundPrism yet? In the (older) introduction video below you can view the possibilities of this app. Remember that you do not necessarily need to use the built-in sounds of this app. SoundPrism Pro can play your favorite MIDI instruments in your sequencer via WiFi:


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