Sonic Charge releases µTonic 3 drum machine

Sonic Charge starts this new year very well. The Swedish vst plugin maker has released µTonic 3 (“MicroTonic”), the first update of the drum machine in five years. On first sight not much might have changed, but Sonic Charge has succeeded to put 20 new features into the plugin. The upgrade is free for µTonic 2 users, a nice present from the Swedish software maker.

For years µTonic is one of the best electronic drum synthesizer plugins. The drum machine plays a maximum of 8 drum sounds which can be tweaked as desired. Soundwise µTonic 2 did not need a major update, but the plugin is ready for the future with version number 3.

The most important changes in version 3 are the enhanced step sequencer, “drag and drop” for midi patterns and morphing of drum sounds. The user now has the possibility to change the step patterns of all drumsounds via the new matrix. After a drum rythm is made, it can be put into the main host by dragging and dropping, a very cool and handy option.

You can morph the sound of the eight drum patches with the sound morp slider, which lets the user change all desired parameters of the synthesizer’s drum patches. This feature is going to be a lot of fun for tweakers.

You don’t like tweaking your own drum patches? Try the unique Patternarium preset generator for µTonic on the Sonic Charge website. This preset generator offers randomized drum patches and rythms which you can listen to and download from the website.

µTonic costs $99 (€76) excluding VAT. For more information and the demo visit the Sonic Charge website.

µTonic µTonic

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