Samplr: innovative app for iPad


Samplr is an example of the innovative way music is made with the iPad. This sample manipulation app allows jamming with up to six loops or pieces of audio. With these loops and audio, you can create your own loops and sequences and throw in some effects, including a filter, delay, reverb and distortion. It is possible to create the fundamentals of a complete song with Samplr. The app is demonstrated in the video below. iPad users should keep their iTunes password at hand, because chances are you’ll immediately want to buy this great app:

By default, a number of loops are included, but it is more interesting to import your own loops. Unfortunately, you can not make spontaneous audio recordings in the app itself.

The app currently only provides support for wav files. Exchanging files is somewhat cumbersome. This is done via iTunes. Hopefully, Samplr will also include support for AudioCopy/AudioPaste in future for copying loops created in other apps.

I would also like to see the possibility to render songs to a wav file within the app. Now you have to connect the iPad to the sound card in order to get the audio into your DAW. This can cause loss of audio quality.


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