Reason open for plug-in developers this summer with Rack Extentions format

Uhbik Rack ExtentionPropellerhead Software today announced at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt that Reason will be opened for developers of third-party plug-ins. This is big news because over the past decade the Stockholm based software developer has always said that this would never happen. Propellerhead has developed its own plug-in format: Rack Extentions.

With Rack Extentions the external plug-ins are seamlessly integrated into the Reason Rack, see the attached image in this article with an effect by u-he. The plug-ins can be equipped with CV in and CV out, that’s good news for the virtual cable pullers among us. Rack Extentions will be included in Reason 6.5, which will be free of charge for Reason 6 users.

Developers who have committed to create Rack Extentions versions of their plug-ins include Korg, Sugar Bytes, Peff, Softube, GForce, Sonic Charge and u-he. These are not the least, so that is very hopeful. Propellerhead is talking with other developers to make them interested in this new plug-in format, reports Create Digital Music.

Musotalk interviews Propellerhead CEO Ernst Nathorst Böös about Rack Extentions:


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