Reason 7 gets MIDI out and REX integration

Propellerhead Software has announced Reason 7. The main additions are MIDI out and REX integration, which was desired by many Reason fans. Reason 7 gets also, a new effect for vintage sounds, the software maker does rather vague about this one so we’ll see how this turns out. Furthermore, Reason finally gets a good spectrum analyzer and some improvements for the mixing tools. The upgrade will be available in the second quarter of this year and costs € 129, the full version € 405. Reason users can subscribe now for the betatest.

With MIDI out Reason can finally control external MIDI enabled hardware. This has been desired for a long time by many people and is a logical step, given the recent popularity and interest in especially analog synthesizers and drum machines.

Another wish is the integration of the REX format in the sequencer. Previously, REX loops only could be created with the good old Recycle software, but that’s finally possible within Reason soon. Thus audio can be sliced and stored in REX format and further be manipulated with the great Dr. Octorex player.

In the following, as always slick, video the new features of Reason 7 are presented by Propellerhead Software.


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