Reason 6.5 beta test begins – more developers Rack Extensions announced

Radical Piano Rack Extensions

Propellerhead Software invites its users to the Reason 6.5 beta test. This new version of the sequencer is equipped with its own plug-in format: Rack Extensions. Propellerhead Software has announced three own Rack Extensions : Radical Piano (see picture above), Pulsar and Polar.

Radical Piano is a modeled piano plug-in. This means it does not use samples. The user can create his own piano sounds. Below you can listen to the first audio demo of Radical Piano:

Pulsar is a modulation plug-in with a dual LFOs, a powerful little synthesizer says Propellerhead. More information will follow. Polar is a classic harmonizer/pitch shifter for stereo widening, harmonizing and granular effects. Prices (or free?) are not yet available.

Besides the new Rack Extensions by Propellerhead Software itself, there are also a lot of new third-party developers working on this new plug-in format. These are certainly not the least: U-he, Softube, Rob Papen, FXpansion, GForce Software, Peff, Sugar Bytes, Korg and Sonic Charge.

The Dutch developer Rob Papen is currently working on a Rack Extension version of Predator. Reason users will definitely be excited about this great synth.


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