Propellerhead introduces FM synthesizer for Reason

PX7 FM synthesizer voor Reason

Propellerhead Software has launched the PX7 FM Synthesizer, a Rack Extension for Reason. The inspiration for this Rack Extension plug-in is the digital Yamaha DX7 FM Synthesizer from the eighties. Like the Yamaha DX7, the PX7 works with six operators. These are connected together via 32 different algorithms.

Macro controls
FM synthesis is not the most convenient way to make sounds with a synthesizer. The PX7 has some macro controls to quickly make the patches your own.

DX7 Patch Converter
In addition, the PX7 features the very cool DX7 Patch Converter. With the DX7 – PX7 Patch Converter, all patches for the Yamaha DX7 can be converted via the Propellerhead website into a patch for the PX7. The popular Yamaha DX7 is around since the mid eighties, so there are thousands of patches available for this synthesizer. These patches can be found anywhere on the internet just by googling. You can also find some useful tips for finding the DX7 patches by members of the Propellerhead Software user forum.

No filter and effects
The PX7 has an LFO, but no build-in filters or effects. You will have to add them yourself, but that should not be a problem because in Reason you can use the filters of other synthesizers, for example Thor’s. You can also use one the Rack Extensions for filters and effects.

This Rack Extension costs 79 euros. In the video below, the PX7 is introduced by Propellerhead Software.



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