Phosphor: modern version of classic alphaSyntauri synthesizer

Audio Damage has released Phosphor, a modern version of the classic alphaSyntauri synthesizer. “Phosphor’s topology closely follows the alphaSyntauri, while adding many modern features such as full velocity control, a much more extensive modulation routing system, tempo synced LFOs, a pair of delays, and two monophonic modes”, the software maker explains.

The alphaSyntauri is a classic digital additive synthesizer which was released in the eighties for the Apple II home computer. It was one of the first commercial software synthesizers. According to proximaSyntauri the keyboard players Herbie Hancock and Keith Emerson (Yes) have played the alphaSyntauri.

Phosphor has two additive oscillators. The noise and oscillators are able to work in the original alphaSyntauri resolutions, and can also be run at modern sample rates which results in a different sound.

Phosphor costs $59 (€45). For more information and some demo tracks visit the Audio Damage website.


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