PG-8X: free VST instrument inspired by Roland JX-8P synthesizer

PG-8X door Martin LüderOne month ago Martin Lüder introduced his PG-8X on the KVR forum. The PG-8X is a free VST synthesizer inspired by the good old Roland JX-8P, which was build in the eighties. The members of the KVR forum are quite impressed by Lüder’s synthesizer.

The enthusiasm of the forum members is not without reason, because this VST plugin sounds really good. With his PG-8X Lüder not only tries to approach the interface of the PG-800 programming module of the Roland JX-8P, but also the sound. The synthesizer is made with SynthEdit and self written code in Assembler en C++. The self written code is responsible for the sound.

The PG-8X is in beta now, but you can download and play it now. The synth comes with 16 sounds. So if you like to program your own patches, this plugin is for you

For more information about the PG-8X visit Martin Lüders’ VST site.


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