Novation announces UltraNova

Over the last few years Novation released so many midi controllers that you almost forget that the British company also build synthesizers. After ten years the follow up of the SuperNova II is finally ready: the UltraNova.

The UltraNova looks like one of Novation’s midi controllers with Automap, the software which automatically assigns the virtual knobs on the computer monitor to the midi controller. In the official promo video you can see that the synth also has an Automap button:

The UltraNova is a so called virtual analogue synthesizer, which means that it is inspired on earlier analogue synths. The UltraNova produces the sound digitally. You can also operate the synth from the special software on the computer.

It looks like the UltraNova can easily be integrated with your sequencer on the computer via the usb connection. It has a lot of inputs and outputs and can even function like a sound card. You can find the specifications and images of the UltraNova on the Novation website.

The touch sensitive rotaries are a special feature of the UltraNova. During live performances you quickly can trigger different effects as shown in this video below:

You might also consider the UltraNova when you are looking for a midi keyboard for your computer setup. The synth is available in about six weeks and costs € 650.


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