Novation Bass Station II goes analogue

Novation has introduced the Bass Station II. This successor to the digital bass synth from the nineties is made with analogue techniques. The hardware manufacturer joins the current analogue fashion trend.

The fans of analog synthesizers have a lot to choose from these days. The monophonic Bass Station II will have some tough competition to cope with. The Korg MS-20 mini is one of the most spectacular introductions at the moment and will soon be available in Europe for 600 euro. The price tag of the Bass Station II will be around 500 dollar, maybe it will cost the same amound in euro.

The Bass Station has two oscillators plus a sub oscillator for extra fat basses. Novation says that it is suitable for both bass and lead sounds. It has among others modulation options, an analogue filter, an arpeggiator and a distortion effect.

The Bass Station’s velocity-sensitive keyboard with assignable aftertouch will probably be superior to that of the MS-20 mini. Furthermore, it has storage memory for presets (64 of the manufacturer and 64 for the user). The presets are ideal for performances on stage. Via USB, you can connect it to the computer. In the video below, the Bass Station II introduced at the end.


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