New video teasers Ohm Studio

The French software developer Ohm Force has uploaded six new videos which reveal the features of the Ohm Studio interface. This new sequencer will be quite flexible, as shown in the videos. In the first video an advanced bass instrument is made with only two tracks, something which would cost a lot more effort and complicated routing in other sequencers. The routing of VST plugins in the video looks a bit like how routing is handled in EnergyXT.

Newcomers will have to come up with a feature that others don’t have or don’t do well in today’s saturated sequencer market. Ohm Force targets its sequencer on real time collaboration with other musicians via internet. In the video below you can watch two people who are working together on a song. The drawn midi notes on the laptop on the right show up in real time in the sequencer of the laptop on the left. This way you can jam with people all over the world, a pretty cool feature!

Ohm Studio projects will be hosted by the Ohm Force servers. The beta version of Ohm Studio should be ready for testing at the end of this year. For more information visit


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