New synth by H.G. Fortune: Alphatron

When H.G. Fortune announces a new vst synthesizer you know it will be different than others. Alphatron, inspired on the old analogue Moog and Prophet synths, is no exception.

Alphatron has two oscillators with waves for saw, ramp, sine, triangle, and pulse, plus an extra oscillator with a lot of digital waveforms to take in to another realm. In this tutorial by H.G. Fortune you can hear and see the Alphatron:

Beginners will possibly find the user interface overwhelming, but the presets are usable for different kinds of music for sure. H.G. Fortune always has a free version available, with less features, in order to find out if the synth sounds suit your expectations.

The Pro version with all features and more presets costs 29 euro. For more information visit H.G. FortuneĀ“s website.


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