Music ALIVE 2011 Sunday February 13th in Rotterdam

Media Satellite presents the Music ALIVE 2011 event on Sunday February 13th in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Media Satellite: “Music ALIVE 2011 is an afternoon around Computer Music products, Audio and Visual Performance. Come and see the latest products and technologies, soft and hardware, touch the latest controllers, watch workshops, enjoy music and VJ performances. This is the place to network, bring your CDs and Laptop, show your latest songs and productions. Talk with product specialists, artists, producers, label managers, DJs and other users”.

Participation: Ableton, Alesis, Propellerhead, Resolume, Prodaw Computers, Akai Pro, Applied Acoustics, Ask Video, IK Multimedia, Martin Rascher, Cenk Unis, Martijn Form, DJ PCM & Manik, Cristiano Nicolini, Bart van der Ploeg, Dennis Fischer en Jonas Löfvenmark.

For more information and bookings visit the Music ALIVE website.


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