MOTU 828mk3 Hybrid: firewire and usb audio interface

When buying an external audio interface, it’s important to consider if you want usb or firewire connectivity. MOTU wants to change this by offering audio interfaces for both usb and firewire. After the introduction of the portable Ultralite mkIII Hybrid MOTU will soon release the bigger 828mk3 Hybrid, a hybrid audio interface which you can connect to the usb or firewire port.

The flexibel firewire/usb connectivity might be impressive, but the other specifications of the 828mk3 Hybrid are also quite nice. The interface has a maximum sample rate of 24 bits/192kHz, 10 analogue inputs and outputs, 16 channels of digital ADAT inputs and outputs and stereo S/PDIF.

The 828mk3 Hybrid will be shipped in the first quarter of 2011. When a firewire version of this interface is all you need, then you can try the older 828mkIII which might soon be sold against much lower prices.


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