Listening to different music can be very inspiring

Sometimes it can be refreshing to listen to other music than you are used to. The Dutch television show Ali B Op Volle Toeren proves that it can be very inspiring to taste a different musical world.

In the first show the Dutch rappers Ali B and his friend Keizer meet the Dutch singer/guitarist Lenny Kuhr. The rappers and the old winner of the Eurovision Songfestival contest don’t know each other and live in a completely different world.

A week later they will meet each other again. Each will make an interpretation of the music of their counterparts. The rappers will make their own version of Lenny Kuhr’s 40 year old Songfestival song De Troubadour (The Troubadour). And Lenny Kuhr will compose and sing an answer on Keizer’s song Mama, sorry dat ik vast zit (Mama, I’m sorry I’m in prison). This gives some interesting results which you can watch and hear in this video on the website Uitzending Gemist (Dutch spoken):

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