LinPlug updates Alpha and Free Alpha synthesizers to version 3.2

LinPlug FreeAlpha 3LinPlug has released an update for the synthesizers Alpha and FreeAlpha. FreeAlpha is one of the best free VST synthesizers of today and is available for Windows and Mac.

With FreeAlpha you can make beautiful pads, deep basses and leads. The synthesizer has a simple, uncluttered interface that is also great for beginners. A (good sounding) chorus is FreeAlpha’s only effect. So you have to add the rest of the desired effects yourself, but that’s not a problem because any digital audio workstation has excellent effects on board.

Version 3.2 brings the following updates to Alpha and FreeAlpha:

  • Additional new 24 db LP Filter type;
  • Improved Bank / Preset system now for up to 200 banks;
  • 44 new presets of various types (Alpha only);
  • fixed Release time might be too short in rare cases;
  • fixed ECS (MIDI Learn) not being stored permanently on Windows.



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