Line 6 announces Mobile In – digital input for iPad and iPhone 4

Line6 Mobile In interface voor iOSLine 6 has announced the Mobile In guitar interface for iPad and iPhone 4. This interface is connected to the digital 30 pin connector, unlike other guitar interfaces like IK Multimedia iRig or the new iXZ audio interface by Tascam. The sound of the latter interfaces is usually not great because they are connected to the combined headphone / microphone input of the iPad and iPhone, says Create Digital Music.

The Mobile In’s guitar input is directly converted to a digital signal. Potentially, this product will provide a better sound than competing interfaces that are connected through the headphone jack. Unfortunately the output of the Mobile In still depends on the headphone jack.

Mobile In supports CoreAudio, so you can make recordings in iOS sequencers like Garageband. The interface comes with the app Mobile POD with 64 modeled amps and effects.

Mobile In and Mobile POD are to be shipped in fall this year, reports The price is set at $ 80, so the price in Europe will be around the € 80 due to the higher VAT.


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